Ed-Tech Industry: Helping Working Professionals with Education

Think about it – even 10 years ago, would you have thought about understanding a mathematics topic online?

At that time, Ed-Tech was just emerging. But, today, it is everywhere – from online classes to acquiring an MBA degree online, everything is a part of Ed-Tech. it is just that everybody utilizes Ed-Tech but doesn’t realize it. In fact, working professionals use it regularly. For instance, when a developer is struggling with JAVA code, he simply searches the doubts, reads about it online, or watches videos by a few experienced tutors. This is the smallest version of how Ed-Tech is used. Another way in which Ed-Tech helps working professionals is by enabling them to acquire certified educational degrees from renowned colleges. Check out how Ed-Tech is making life better for working professionals.

1. Cost-Effective Education
The education online is highly cost-effective when compared to what you would have to pay during regular classroom education. The cost is reduced naturally as the maintenance, paperwork, and another hassle of regular education is removed from online education. This is beneficial for professionals as they won’t have to leave their jobs and don’t have to spend a huge part of their savings to acquire a degree.

2. More Accessible Education
Earlier, with regular classroom education, students only used to rely on books and materials provided by teachers. No doubt, the experience of a tutor can’t be matched by any other platform, but Ed-Tech has made everything more accessible. Everything is available online and teachers also help students online via various platforms by giving their personal opinion on a topic. For instance, in regular classroom, if a student asked one question, only one teacher will answer it according to what is right in their opinion. However, online, various teachers and educators can give their opinion all at once and in real-time.

3. No Hassle of Commuting
Even with part-time education, commuting eats most of the time, and for working professionals, this is harder. They have to go to the office first, complete their work, leave, and then visit their classes. Or if you have weekend part-time classes, then the two-day leave that they get are not actually leaves because they have to study and commute during that time.

4. Development of Life-Long Skills
It is obvious that without retaining any knowledge, your education is of no use. With Ed-Tech, the programs have full interactive power, which enables students to learn even better than regular classes. Apart from this, what contributes more to this form of learning is that if a student wants to gain in-depth knowledge of a subject, it is always available. There is no end to skills that you can acquire via online learning.

5. Connect With Intellectuals
There are real platforms where students can ask questions in real-time. These tutors are generally young professionals, recent passouts from renowned colleges, and sometimes entrepreneurs. This increases the chances of interacting with highly intellectual individuals who can help you, guide you, and mentor you later in life.

6. Enhanced and Engaging Discussion
Although discussions offline can also be highly engaging, discussions in ED-Tech are more advanced. This is because of two reasons mainly – first, there are more teachers, intellectuals, and learned people involved. Second, the students who are shy or introverts can also engage freely via online medium. So, the level of knowledge achieved from these discussions is high and enhanced.

7. Flexible Study Timings
This is a well-known advantage to all. Regular education and part-time education won’t allow professionals to attend classes at night. But, this is possible via online education. In fact, it is possible to study from overseas colleges and attain quality education anytime from a university in any corner of the world.

8. Ease of Tracking Progress
The process of tracking progress of student was earlier carried out via limited medium of written homework. Now, with technology in education, this scope is wide. There are various tools available which let teachers track progress with the help of more interactive projects. They can instead offer personalised experience to certain students, who are having problems, with the help of one-on-one online sessions.

9. High Student Engagement
Whenever students adopt online education, they do so because they have personal interest in acquiring that education. So, they engage more, ask more questions, and study more. These professionals, since they have high interest in the subject, try to give in more than 100% to have full knowledge.

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Ed-Tech is truly the new way of education. People are too tech-savvy today. And why not? It is convenient to just open your smartphone and start studying anywhere anytime. Whether you are on the bus or in a flight, Ed-Tech has made it possible to access information and everyone is just utilizing this ease of education.